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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior was a short-lived American police procedural drama that aired on CBS. The show debuted in 2011 as a spin-off from the successful Criminal Minds, which had premiered in 2005. This edition's profiling team also worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia. In an April 2010 episode of Criminal Minds, during the show's fifth season, the original team met the new team and worked with them to find a San Francisco serial killer. This episode served as the new series' backdoor pilot. Just like the parent series, CBS owned the underlying North American rights, while ABC owned the international rights. The series premiered on February 16, 2011, and filled the Wednesday 10 pm time slot, airing immediately after the original Criminal Minds. CBS cancelled the series on May 17, 2011. The series ends with a cliffhanger. On September 6, 2011 CBS DVD released the complete series as a 4 disc-set. It is packaged as "The DVD Edition". There are numerous special features and two episode commentaries with the cast and crew. The set includes the backdoor pilot from season five of the original show.

Germany German (Deutsch)

Criminal Minds: Team Red

Special Agent Sam Cooper (Forest Whitaker) führt eine Eliteeinheit des FBI, die zu unkonventionellen Ermittlungsmethoden greift, um besonders gefährliche Kriminelle festzunageln. Dabei verlässt sich der mental wie psychisch starke Anführer auf ein handverlesenes Team von Profilern und versucht stets, die politische Bürokratie zu meiden. Zu seiner Einheit gehören der frühere britische Elite-Soldat Mick Rawson (Matt Ryan) sowie der ehemalige Kleinkriminelle John ‚Prophet‘ Sims (Michael Kelly). Gina LaSalle (Beau Garrett), eine schlagfertige Agentin mit einem ganz besonders feinem Wahrnehmungsvermögen, ergänzt das Team.

France French (Français)

Criminal Minds : Suspect Behavior

Une nouvelle équipe de profilers du FBI en charge de crimes violents. Leur but: cerner le caractère psychologique du criminel afin de l'arrêter...

Italy Italian (Italiano)

La serie racconta le vicende di una squadra di profiler della Behavioral Analysis Unit dell'FBI alle prese con i peggiori criminali della nazione. A differenza delle squadre tradizionali il team guidato da Sam Cooper è una delle cosiddette Red Cells, ovvero squadre di pronto intervento che operano al di fuori della burocrazia di Quantico, e che rispondono del loro operato soltanto al direttore del Bureau. Cooper e i suoi uomini fanno affidamento su metodi d'indagine alternativi e controcorrente, e su tattiche d'azione decisamente aggressive, per scavalcare gli intoppi e le lungaggini che bloccano e rallentano le indagini tradizionali.

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Season 113


Sam CooperForest Whitaker
Beth GriffithJaneane Garofalo
Gina LaSalleBeau Garrett
Jonathan 'Prophet' SimmsMichael Kelly
Mick RawsonMatt Ryan
Penelope GarciaKirsten Vangsness
Jack FicklerRichard Schiff

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