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Quick Bio

After an apprenticeship to become a Software Developer, I worked for two years and then went on to university.
I graduated from Bern University of Applied Sciences in summer 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with the Specialisation in Web and Business Applications.

I am now continuing my studies in order to attain a Master of Science in Engineering with the Specialisation in Information and Communication Technologies assigned to the Master Research Unit Mobile Information Society.
At the same time, I work part-time at the Solothurner Spitäler AG, the association of public hospitals of the Swiss Canton of Solothurn, where I am subordinate to the Chief Information Officer and mainly work on strategic and management projects.

Open & Closed Source Projects

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University Lectures

The following lists give an overview of the modules (courses, lectures) I have taken or plan to take at the Bern University of Applied Sciences as part of my Bachelor's and Master's studies.

Bachelor Modules

Module Group #Credits
General Management & Law 18
German, French & English 12
Mathematics & Physics 28
Computer Science, Systems & Networks 28
Programming & Software Engineering 46
Web and Business Specialisation 24
Project Management, Projects & Thesis 30
Total ECTS Credits 186
Diploma GPA (A: 100, B: 80, C: 60, D: 40, E: 20: F: 0) 89

Master Modules

Module Group #Credits
Context Modules 9
Fundamental Theoretical Principles 9
CAS Business Intelligence (lectures only) 9
CAS Big Data (lectures only) 6
Specialisation Modules 6
Specialisation Projects 24
Thesis 27
Total ECTS Credits 90
Running GPA (after 18 of 90 Credits) 93

Professional Experience

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