I have had to take down my DVD/BD Collection but it is still synchronised to TMDb.
I am planning to release a new web site in early 2018 when all components are production-ready.
This new web site will be more elaborate, built on top of ASP.NET Core MVC and using Entity Framework Core, Bootstrap 4, Font Awesome 5 and D3.js.

Quick Bio

After an apprenticeship to become a Software Developer, I worked in this field for two years and then went on to university.
I graduated from Bern University of Applied Sciences in summer 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with the Specialisation in Web and Business Applications.

I am now continuing my studies at the Master Research Unit Digital Society and Security in order to attain a Master of Science in Engineering with the Specialisation in Information and Communication Technologies.
At the same time, I work part-time at the Solothurner Spitäler (in German), the association of public hospitals of the Swiss Canton of Solothurn (in German). I am currently employed as a cross-departmental Application Manager and mainly involved with the Clinical Information System and the IT Incident, Service and Financial Management System besides working on some smaller applications as well.

University Lectures

The following lists give an overview of the modules (courses, lectures) I have taken or plan to take at the Bern University of Applied Sciences as part of my Bachelor's and Master's studies.

Bachelor Modules

Module Group #Credits
General Management & Law 18
German, French & English 12
Mathematics & Physics 28
Computer Science, Systems & Networks 28
Programming & Software Engineering 46
Web & Business Specialisation 24
Project Management, Projects & Thesis 30
Total ECTS Credits 186
Diploma GPA (A: 100, B: 80, C: 60, D: 40, E: 20: F: 0) 89

Master Modules

Module Group #Credits
Context Modules 9
Fundamental Theoretical Principles 9
CAS Business Intelligence (lectures only) 9
CAS Big Data (lectures only) 6
Specialisation Modules 6
Specialisation Projects 24
Thesis 27
Total ECTS Credits 90
Running GPA (after 33 of 90 Credits) 82

Professional Experience

I worked for 4 years in the IT department of ETA (the main manufacturing division of the Swatch Group) as an IT apprentice and for an additional 2 years as an entry-level Software Developer. Because we had very small team to develop new applications, I mostly worked on my own and also took up responsible tasks early on.
We almost exclusively built our solutions on top of Microsoft products such as Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, ASP.NET Web Forms and MS SQL Server including Integration and Reporting Services. I often managed these projects from their initialisation all the way to the deployment and training of the end users. Besides, I also developed a number of small automation tools with PowerShell.

Since August 2016 I work in the IT directorate of the Solothurner Spitäler as an Application Manager where I am assisting Project Managers, collecting requirements, evaluating solutions, specifying processes and application functionalities and also configuring and maintaining software systems.
At the same time, I am studying to attain my master's degree. As part of my specialisation projects and Master's Thesis, I design and implement a Key Performance Indicator system tailored to the Solothurner Spitäler's IT directorate.

Selected Open & Closed Source Projects

I maintain a number of public (and private) repositories on GitHub.

  • Progressor – The Programming Professor (web site and code executor) – result of the Bachelor's Thesis I worked on with two other graduates
  • StrubTUtilities – a collection of handy .NET utilities I use in several projects
  • TMDbLib (forked from LordMike) – a TMDb API wrapper where I mainly added certain v4 features
  • and many more…

In the course of my professional work I also developed and maintained several applications used only internally.

  • an application to plan what departments the company's apprentices work in and who will be responsible for them
  • an application to collect the rules that apply when constructing and manufacturing watch components
  • an application to analyse illness- and injury-related absences of employees
  • an application to manage the backflow of defective components and analyse the causes of these defects
  • an application used by all employees to purchase discounted watches and jewellery
  • an application to manage the active directories with all its user accounts, groups, computers etc.
  • an application to record and analyse cardiopulmonary resuscitations performed by the Emergency Medical Service
  • and many more…