Quick Bio

After a four-year apprenticeship at ETA (the main manufacturing division of the Swatch Group) to become a software developer, I stayed there for two more years and mostly created web-based applications for internal use.

I then went on and graduated from Bern University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with the Specialisation in Web and Business Applications which is basically web and client development with some business administration and economics on the side.
I am continuing my studies part-time and am enrolled in a programme jointly run by all seven Swiss public Universities of Applied Sciences in order to attain a Master of Science in Engineering with the Specialisation in Information and Communication Technologies.

I am now also working part-time at the Solothurner Spitäler (the public hospital group of the Swiss canton of Solothurn, site in German) as an Applikationsbetreuer, which might be translated as Application Manager or Application Engineer. I used to be mainly involved in configuring the clinical information system and developing extensions for the IT Service Management platform on behalf of the medical applications and the support teams but am now working towards becoming an independent Project Manager.

You can find more detailed information about my professional experience and some of the software projects I was involved in.