Professional Experience


I have a strong software engineering background.
I started out with a four-year apprenticeship at ETA, the main manufacturing division of the Swatch Group where I had trained as both a general IT technician and specialised in software development later on.
I stayed there for two more years afterwards as an entry-level software developer. But because we had very small team to develop new applications, I mostly worked on my own and also took up responsible tasks early on.

We almost exclusively built our solutions on top of Microsoft products such as ASP.NET and MS SQL Server including Integration and Reporting Services.
I often managed these projects from specification all the way to deployment and training of end users when necessary. Besides, I also developed a number of small automation tools with PowerShell.

I then went on to study at Bern University of Applied Sciences' Department of Engineering and Information Technology – a University of Applied Sciences is a practically oriented tertiary education institution as opposed to a more research oriented 'traditional' University.
After I graduated with a bachelor's degree, I was offered a project to work on and continued to study towards a master's degree. I decided to do so part-time.
The master's programme is jointly run by all seven Swiss public Universities of Applied Sciences.

For six months in 2018, I worked an average of one day per week for Zazuko, an owner-managed consulting company for Semantic Web and related technologies. During a phase of expansion, I was involved in the development of RDF data processing pipelines and user interfaces.

Current Employment

Since August 2016 I work at Solothurner Spitäler, a company that was founded in 2006 by merging all publicly run hospitals in the Swiss Canton of Solothurn. The central IT directorate is responsible for maintaining the IT infrastructure and applications and providing IT support for all three acute-care hospitals as well as the psychiatric clinic and several smaller ambulatory treatment centres.

I joined Solothurner Spitäler as an Intern while waiting for a regular position to open up. I assumed the position of Application Engineer (Applikationsbetreuer) on the CIO's staff.
I used to be mainly involved in configuring and maintaining the Clinical Information System KISIM and customising ServiceNow we use for IT Incident, Service, Financial, and Project Portfolio Management.
In the course of this work, I have had the opportunity to get insight into various different hospital departments such as the adult's and children's psychiatric clinics, the ambulance service, the personnel physicians department, and the scheduling of in- and out-patients.

After graduating with a master's degree, I was promoted to Project Manager and continue to work on the CIO's staff full-time.

Because of my Software Engineering experience, I am also involved in two highly technical fields besides managing projects:
I am acting as the technical ServiceNow Administrator and Architect. I am primarily responsible for the IT Financial, Project, and Portfolio Management modules as part of my staff position, but also have overall architectural platform responsibility.
I have also been tasked by the Medical IT Department to oversee clinical data collection and analyses. I am responsible for querying data and creating reports for clinical decision makers and administrative personnel as well as the newly introduced REDCap platform. I am also working with EMS to create a stock of GIS analyses of their operations.

As part of my specialisation projects and the Master's Thesis, I designed and implemented a Key Performance Indicator system tailored to the Solothurner Spitäler's IT directorate's needs.